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Minimum Rental

Daily Rental


Aerators - Husqvarna AR19 Gas Powered, Self Propelled, 288lbs, add trailer for $10

$45/3 hrs



Air Compressors - Sullair 185, Tow-Behind, Diesel, includes 100' of hose.

$5/day for additional 50'





Appliance Dolly


Bed Edger Bed Edger - For installing beds up to 5" depth. Features carbide claw. 175 lbs.
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$55/4hrs $90/Day $360/Wk
edge-r-rite-ii-l Bed Edger - For redefining beds and tree rings. 105 lbs.
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$45/4hrs $70/Day $280/Wk

Brush Cutter - Walk

26" blade, self propelled, add trailer for $10

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Brush Cutter - Husq Brush Cutter - Hand Held
Trimmer With Grass Blade, 2-cycle, Gas included
$30/4hrs $45/Day $180/Wk

Cement Saw - Husqvarna Hand-Held, 2-Cycle Gas, 14" Blade, 4" Cutting Depth

*Does not include blade




14" Diamond Blade

Concrete: $25/Day

Concrete: $25/Day

Concrete: $25/Day

Chainsaw 18" - Husqvarna 2-Cycle Gas, Rental Includes Gas & Bar Oil

Additional Chains = $7/ea




Chainsaw 24" - Husqvarna, 2-Cycle Gas, Rental Includes Gas & Bar Oil

Additional Chains = $7/ea




Chainsaw 32" - Husqvarna, 2-Cycle Gas, Rental Includes Gas & Bar Oil

Additional Chains = $8/ea

$65/4 hrs



Chainsaw (Pole Mounted) Up to 13' of Reach, Gas-Powered, 2 Cycle, Rental Includes, Gas & Bar Oil




Compactor - MBW GP2000, Gas-Powered, 165lbs, 20x22" Plate

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Demolition Hammer - 60lb Electric Hammer, 110V, Includes chisel bits. Add well driver bit for $10/day.

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Dingo Track Loader - Toro 525TX, Diesel-Powered, 41" Width, 5.45' Dump Height, 2,127lbs, 4 cu ft Bucket

Add trailer for $20

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Dingo Forks - Great for moving pallets, landscape rocks

$120/4hrs (Dingo+Att)

$35/Day (Attachment Only)

$170/Day (Dingo+Att)

$35/Day (Att. Only)

$680/Wk (Dingo+Att)

$140/Wk (Att. Only)

Dingo Post Hole Digger Attachment - 9, 12, 18" Bits Available

$160/4hrs (Dingo+Att)

$95/4hrs (Attachment Only)

$210/Day (Dingo+Att)

$95/Day (Att. Only)

$840/Wk (Dingo+Att)

$380/Wk (Att. Only)

 Dingo Soil Cultivator - One-Step Prep for Seed or Sod!

$185/4hrs (Dingo+Att)

$125/4hrs (Attachment Only)

$235/Day (Dingo+Att)

$125/Day (Att. Only)

$940/Wk (Dingo+Att)

$500/Wk (Att. Only)

 Dingo Trencher Attachment - 4' Deep, 6" Wide

$170/4hrs (Dingo+Att)

$110/4hrs (Attachment Only)

$215/Day (Dingo+Att)

$110/Day (Att. Only)

$860/Wk (Dingo+Att)

$440/Wk (Att. Only)

drywallLiftDrywall Lift - 11' max reach. 15' mast available for extra $5/day.


 Hedge Trimmer - Gas-Powered, 2-Cycle, Rental Includes Gas




 Hedge Trimmer Pole Mount - Includes Powerhead (not shown) & Attachment, 2-Cycle,

Includes Gas




 Lawn Edger - Gas-Powered



 Lawn Mower - Gas-Powered, Walk Behind, Self-Propelled



 Lawn Mower - Riding Tractor, 42" Deck



IS2100ZEFILawn Mower - Zero Turn, 61" Deck$75/4hrs$115/Day$460/Wk
lawn-roller-1141-husqvarna-riding-lawn-mower-attachments-995-x-538Lawn Roller - 36" Wide, Fill with water, up to 600 lbs$20/4hrs$30/Day$120/Wk

 Leaf Blower - Back Pack, Gas-Powered, 2-Cycle, Rental Includes Gas



 Leaf Blower - Walk Behind, Gas Powered



 Lift (Tow-Behind) - 34' Platform Height, 40' Working Height, Gas-Powered

More Product Specs



 Log Splitter - 26 Ton, Gas-Powered, Horizontal or Vertical, Requires 2" Ball



 Overseeder/Slitseeder - Walk Behind, Gas Powered, 22" Wide



 Post Hole Digger - 2-Man Operation, Gas Powered,

6, 8, 10, 12" Bits Available

Download Spec Sheet



Power BroomPower Broom/Paddle - Gas, 2-Cycle, Includes Gas Can

 Power Rake/Dethatcher - Walk Behind, Gas Powered, 22" Wide



 Pressure Washer 3000PSI - Gas Powered, 3.0 GPM, Includes 50' Hose & Wand



thumbVortexx2 Pressure Washer 4000PSI - Gas powered, 4.0 GPM, Includes 50' Hose & Wand


Pump 3/4" - Submersible, Electric, Requires Garden Hose



2 in Pump Sub

Pump 2" - Submerssible, Electric, includes up to 100' of hose



 Rotary Hammer / Hammer Drill - Electric, Includes one bit: 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, or 1".  Add $15 for 1-1/2" or 2-5/8" bit.




CultivatorRoto-Tiller / Mini Cultivator - Includes Powerhead (not shown) & Attachment, 2-Cycle,
Includes Gas
Honda TillerRoto-Tiller Front Tine - 23" wide, 55 lbs, for existing gardens and flower beds$30/3hrs$60/Day$240/Wk
BCS-TillerRoto-Tiller (Rear Tine) - Gas Powered, Self-Propelled, 275 lbs,(requires trailer)$45/3hrs$90/Day$360/Wk

 Sod Cutter - Gas Powered, Self-Propelled, 388 lbs, (requires trailer)



 String Trimmer - Gas Powered, 2-Cycle, Straight Shaft, Rental Includes Gas



banditGrinderStump Grinder - Gas Powered, 4-Wheel-Drive, Hydraulic Operation,
Add trailer for $10

 Tow Dolly - Requires 2" Ball, 76" max width



 Trailer (6x10) - Requires 2" Ball, 2,000lb Capacity, Features Fold Down Ramp



 Trailer (7x14)

Requires 2-5/16" Ball,

5,000lbs Capacity, Features Fold Down Ramp



 Wood Chipper 7"

7" Opening Means Branches Must Fold Down Under 7", Gas-Powered, 2" Ball Required



  • A valid drivers license is required for all rentals.
  • Minimum rental periods are 4 hrs unless otherwise noted.
  • Reservations are not required, but are strongly encouraged to ensure availability.
  • Payment is required up front for all rentals.
  • Rates are based on number of hours out, not number of hours used.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • All rentals must be returned during regular store hours.
Walters Equipment offers equipment rentals to contractors and homeowners in Byron Center, MI and the surrounding Grand Rapids, MI area.
We offer air compressor rentals, aerator rentals, lawn and garden equipment rentals, cut off saw rentals, compactor rentals, chainsaw rentals, demo hammer rentals, Dingo rentals, trencher rentals, post hole digger rentals, power washer rentals, log splitter rentals, leaf blower rentals, stump grinder rentals, wood chipper rentals, car dolly rentals, roto tiller rentals, sod cutter rentals, and much more!