Chainsaw Service
Walters Equipment & Rental LLC
8433 Centre Industrial Dr SW
Byron Center, MI

Service Description

Basic Diagnosis / Inspection Fee: $35

Seasonal/Preventative Maintenance Tune-up

Chainsaw: $48.75 + Parts

Services Included:

  • Perform compression test
  • Inspect ignition system
  • Test fuel - drain, flush, and replace if necessary
  • Replace spark plug
  • Clean or replace air filter
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Pressure test fuel lines
  • Clean flywheel debris cover
  • Remove side cover and clean
  • Clean bar, file if necessary, grease sprocket nose
  • Lubricate drum bearing
  • Inspect chain sprocket
  • Sharpen chain
  • Test

Additional Services (Prices vary depending on model)

Restring starter (brought in OFF the saw): $15 + Parts

Restring starter (brought in on the saw): $20 + Parts

Rebuild carburetor: $55-75 + Parts

Replace carburetor: $35-45 + Parts

Replace fuel line: $25-45 + Parts

Clean or replace oiler assembly: $20-30

Replace chain tensioner: $20-30

Sharpen chain: $7 off saw, $15 on saw (Add $1 for chains over 24" bar)

Replace Clutch Drum: $31.50 + Parts

*$5/day storage fee for units not picked up within 10 days of completion.

*Units left for over 60 days are considered abandoned and become the property of Walters Equipment.